The Egg Ch. 1

The Egg Ch. 1 The woods that made up Verdant Springs could be called eerie. A mix of tall old birches and pines that grew thicker the deeper on travelled off the paved paths that wove through it. Moss grew in great blankets across the ground broken by small game trails and paths.  Th...
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The hottest escort chicks in Netherland are exposed on

Hottest Netherland escorts wish to see you If you are a tourist and want to visit Netherland you can make your adventure unbelievable. The best way of having real fun is hanging around with a spicy Dutch model. She will help you get amazing emotions and experience the perfect joy in such amazing...
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Tina Migliaccio My sexy little cousin

Tina Migliaccio My sexy little cousin Hey everybody, my name is Mike Barney. Let me start by saying I have always thought my cousin Tina Mig was the sexiest little thing. Shes thin, about 5'7", long dirty blonde hair and small perky little titties. I have often fantasized about what she ...
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Young Guys for My Wife, The Three-Day Business Trip, Sunday

Young Guys for My Wife, The Three-Day Business Trip, Sunday It was Sunday, our last day, we had to check out and had for home tomorrow. My wife had finished dressing. I said, you look very cheery, you must have really liked that big Latino cock you got yesterday. Jill replied, it would be ...
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Company Fortune Sex

Company Fortune Sex Chapter 1 And the Answer Is... Parker Scott felt trapped between the brilliance of passion rewarded and complete surprise. "Mark, would you say that again?" "Parker Scott," he whispered, "will you marry me?" "Yes, Mark, oh, yes!" Each grasped the other ...
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The Deleted Scene: The Equalizer

The Deleted Scene: The Equalizer Alina suppressed a shudder as the creepy old guy's hand trailed up her shapely thigh. Her skin tight, gray streaked dress barely covered her ass when she was walking and in the back of the limo it barely covered her lap. When his hand reached the hem it dip...
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Horny Bus Stop Brunette | Teen Stories

Horny Bus Stop Brunette A few month back I was riding home from school on the city bus ... I look over and see this sexy brunette breast size about a C cup ass was fat waist was slim ... She kept looking at me and I started to think she realized I was starring at her lips all I could pic...
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Fucking my former student | Sex Stories | escorts

Fucking my former student I'm a 44 year old teacher, and not particularly bad looking. I fooled around on my wife once many years ago and vowed never to do it again.  We have a babysitter/housesitter named Rachel who still works for us sometime, a former student of mine. My wife ...
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Natalie Portman, The Florence Nightingale Effect | Celebrity Stories

Natalie Portman, The Florence Nightingale Effect Natalie couldn't help herself as she reclined in her hot bubble bath. The tub was built to easily hold two people and her slender body was nearly swimming in it as she ran her hands across her small chest. She cooed slightly in pleasure as...
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Lusty bitchs Moms & Slut Girls. Ch 1 | Incest Stories

Lusty bitchs Moms & Slut Girls. Ch 1 It’s Saturday April 14th 2018. I normally return back for dinner at 7 pm but in the morning when we wake up and having our coffee, Nicole told me about inviting Mariana tonight for dinner and if everything goes as planned she might sleep ov...
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